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Sean Mac Gabhann


Welcome to Snorkelling Ireland 

Having the freedom of movement and the feeling of weightlessness in an ocean environment is a pastime that is rivalled by very few other sports. Our planet's oceans are full of life and formations that are completely unique to the water and there is so much to see, it really is another world.


There are two types of people that use the waters around us, the ones that want to stay on the top and the ones that want to go below. As divers, we regularly are asked about what's under the waves. There is a natural curiosity with the general public about the world below but the underwater world isn't for everyone. Some people will choose to stay on the surface of the water with their respective sports. The beauty of surface snorkelling is that you get to enjoy the water and its surroundings from the waterline.

There can be a natural progression from snorkelling to scuba diving, but it's not for everyone. I strongly believe that as a diver you don't have to dive deep to have spectacular dives and see amazing things, there is great potential in shallow waters too. Snorkelling is the happy medium of the two worlds; it allows you to stay at the surface (submerged if you like) and see the beauty of the world below.

I have lived by or near the sea my entire life but it's only in recent years I have found a way back to the waves. In 2018 I took up a mask again and started diving with Triton Diving in the waters of Dublin Bay. From that point on there was no going back. 

There was already a watery line attached to me with kayaking and surfing, going below the waves was simply the little push I needed to take that final step back fully into the underwater world. Why do I like it so much? There are so many reasons I could list but the sea is a different world that offers a release to the soul that for me personally, nothing else can.  

Snorkelling Ireland was not my own idea it came from a group idea of similarly minded people. I simply gave it form. I have a passion for sports and writing but more importantly exploring. So I put the two of them together and came up with two objectives. 

Firstly to raise awareness of the sea as a natural resource of Ireland which everyone can use and enjoy and secondly to offer some encouragement to people curious about snorkelling or diving to get in there and get started, snorkelling can open up a whole other world to you.  Enjoy!


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Our Contributors 


Cornelia Krausz

Freediving Editor  and Blog Contributor

Who is cork_free_diving?


Cork_free_diving is an Instagram page created in 2021 by Cornelia and Ann who wanted to provide a platform for like-minded people and help grow the freediving community in Ireland. Cornelia who is behind the page has been actively free diving for the past few years and was always a person you could find in the water somewhere (or underneath).


The cork_free_diving page also provides a platform for regular meet-ups to help find you your safety dive buddy or simply come out to join the fun. No matter if you are experienced or try it for the first time, you are welcome to join the group.


Cornelia and Ann are often exploring different spots around Cork and West Cork and are no strangers to other beautiful diving and snorkel spots across Ireland. If you want to join us for one of our meet-ups, make sure to follow cork_free_diving on Instagram. 

Contact Cork_free_diving on: 

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