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Vico Baths Killiney

Just a short distance from Dalkey village or Killiney beach there is a hidden small cove nestled in the foothills that meet the sea. Despite a lot of media coverage of the area in recent times the area remains largely unused, probably because of its inaccessibility, except by foot. 

If you are in the area and looking for a quiet area to go, the Vico Baths are always worth a visit.    

General Information

Located on the Vico Road in the picturesque area of Killiney this historical bathing place has been a go-to for swimmers for generations. The Vico Baths are a 15 - 20 minute walk from Dalkey. There is very little parking in the area, with the closest accessible public transport either Dalkey or Killiney DART stations that are about 10 - 15 walk in either direction from the entrance. To get down to the small cove there is a small gap in the wall that will lead you down the path with the well known blue rail. 

Sea Life

In the immediate area of entering the water, there is a large bed of sea kelp and rocks that host a vast array of coral. Dalkey Island is very nearby and a regular visit by a seal would be typical but depending on the time of year the odd porpoise can be seen along with an array of fish.    

Sea Conditions 

Killiney Bay can have very high currents even when the water seems calm, strong caution is advised. There are days we have snorkelled there and literally not moved at all.  Visually it can be easy enough to decide if the water is too choppy. If there is any kind of chop the water will became very mucky and visibility will drop.    

Water temperature at the surface can vary greatly from winter (as low as 5 - 6 degrees ) to summer (as high as 19 degrees).

Tide information for the Killiney area is available at the following link. - Click here.
For up to date weather reports - Click here. 

Water Safety Information

Be aware of strong cross-currents that are in the area, they can catch you unawares. It is strongly advised to wear a visible marker of some description as there can be swimmers and cliff jumpers in the area. There is a lifeguard station at Killiney where the conditions in the area can be checked. In case of emergency, the nearest RNLI station located in Dun Laoghaire can be contacted on (01) 280 2667 or the Irish Coast Guard can be contacted by phoning 999 or 112. 

Entry and Exit Points  

Because of the nature of the area, there is only one entry and exit point which is at the bottom of the stairwell. There is a selection of ladders and stairwells that help with getting in out of the water with fins.  (See map below).


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