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Sandycove is a well-known area for the training of divers by clubs in the Dublin region.  The cove offers a unique shallow area that has a steady slope out to set buoys which make it an ideal spot for introductory training. There is plenty of wildlife, obstacles and debris from ships to see on the seafloor which would wet the appetite of any diver to see.    

General Information

Sandycove is a 

Sea Life

The Irish sea hosts an abundance of sea life including some species you would not imagine would be found in Irish waters. In an article by Dublin Live from 2018 some of these amazing creatures can be seen from the locality of Sandycove. Click here to view the article.  

Sea Conditions 

Sandycove, while sheltered, is also subject to swells and unexpected strong tidal currents. Caution should be taken when planning any trip. Water temperature at the surface can vary greatly from winter (as low as 5 - 6 degrees ) to summer (as high as 19 degrees). Tide information for the Dun Laoghaire area is available at the following link. - Click here.
For up to date weather reports - Click here. 

Water Safety Information

When making your way around to the Forty Foot from Sandycove or vice versa be aware of strong cross-currents that are in the area, they can catch you unawares. There is a lifeguard station at the bayside where the conditions in the area can be checked. In case of emergency, the nearest RNLI station located in Dun Laoghaire can be contacted on (01) 280 2667 or the Irish Coast Guard can be contacted by phoning 999 or 112. 

Entry and Exit Points  

The cove makes things very easy for getting into the water. There are 2 points where you can walk directly from a beach into the water - at the cove or at the old Victorian Baths. Alternatively, there are 3 points where you can get in via steps around the back of Sandycove in the Forty Foot (See map below).


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