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Myrtleville Beach, Cork

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

By Cornelia Krausz, Cork Free Diving.

Myrtleville beach is one of the closest beaches to Cork City. After an approx. a 30-minute drive, you will reach this little idyllic beach which offers swimmers, snorkellers or walkers perfect opportunities to indulge in their favourite outdoor activity.

You can also access the Fountainstown beach by car (5 mins) or foot (20min) from Myrleville.

General information:

This well-attended beach offers easy access into the water (shore snorkel and dive) and has also multiple buoys marked for swimmers. These can be also used to practise your freediving when following the buoys chain.

The rocks and half-bay formations to the right side of the beach allow snorkelers to observe rock formations, sea kelp and wildlife such as fish or dogfish.

Sea Life:

On a clear day, the variation of sea kelp and algae will allow you to observe plenty of different fish, dogfish or the occasional starfish. Due to its rock formation and a small drop in the seabed, it allows you to observe kelp forests, fishes and more.

Sea condition:

Snorkelling in Myrtleville is the most fun when you take advantage of the tide and enter waters at high tide. The area is not fully sheltered so make sure to also consult weather and wind conditions to avoid swell, rough waters or a murky view.

Find your tidal times here:

Water Safety information:

Always consult the weather and wind conditions before entering the water to avoid unexpected currents or swells. This beach is open and not as sheltered, caution is always advised.

Entry and Exit points:

You can easily access the water by entering from shore. Keep to your right along the rocks and half shaped formation to have the best chances of seeing some interesting underwater life. Do not jump from rocks.

Who is cork_free_diving?

Cork_free_diving is an Instagram page created in 2021 by Cornelia and Ann who wanted to provide a platform for like-minded people and help grow the freediving community in Ireland. Cornelia who is behind the page has been actively free diving for the past few years and was always a person you could find in the water somewhere (or underneath).

The cork_free_diving page also provides a platform for regular meet-ups to help find you your safety dive buddy or simply come out to join the fun. No matt

er if you are experienced or try it for the first time, you are welcome to join the group.

Cornelia and Ann are often exploring different spots around Cork and West Cork and are no strangers to other beautiful diving and snorkel spots across Ireland.

If you want to join us for one of our meet-ups, make sure to follow cork_free_diving on Instagram,


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